What is the Best Way to Add Value to Your Home?

In an ever-competitive housing market, we are always looking for ways to make the most out of our properties. When you think about ‘adding value’ to a house, you probably imagine a sizeable extension project that will take months to complete — and cost a fortune.

But, in reality, it may be easier than you would expect to add value to your home simply by making some changes within its existing footprint…

Unlock your home’s full potential

From a simple lick of paint to give your space a polished finish with relative ease to updating a whole room, these projects will vary in length and can be executed at a pace — and budget — of your choosing.

Many of these plans will fall under permitted development or may not require permission from your local council or housing authority at all. However, it is always wise to seek the advice of a qualified professional before you begin to work out the parameters of your project.

We have all visited a property and despaired at how lovely it could look with a bit of freshening up. Some simple redecoration can modernise a space and inject some much-needed vitality into dull décor. So, how can you make the most out of your property?

Finishing touches

When was the last time you gave your living spaces a fresh coat of paint? First impressions count to prospective buyers, so taking the time to maintain the aesthetics of a property is essential. Decide the tone and atmosphere of an area by tweaking the colour palette, or use light-reflective paint to give the illusion of space in smaller rooms.

Tired, worn-out floors can also date a home significantly and deplete its overall appeal. Cracked linoleum and scratched-up tiles will not fit the bill, so it may be time to consider a replacement. Stone floors are a popular and enduring option, as they only get more characterful with age. However, you do not always need to rip up floors to get the desired effect; refreshing original wooden panels can rejuvenate period properties.

The kitchen is often regarded as the heart and selling point of a home, so it is well worth ensuring it is up to date. The scope of a kitchen update can range from replacing worktops and appliances to creating a whole new open-plan layout (although the latter will require a structural survey). Renovating a bathroom could also add up to five per cent to the overall value of your home. Simply fitting a power shower or changing the room layout can improve the functionality and appeal of this important space.

Plus, even the smallest garden holds appeal for valuation surveyors — especially in built-up areas like London, where outside space is precious. So, do not waste the potential of your garden by allowing it to remain unkempt. Gardening and upkeep can be a DIY project, but if you would like to add a patio or decking to create a more refined entertaining space, it may be time to consult the experts!

The ultimate added-value solution

However, nothing adds value to your home like an extra bedroom. If you are in need of another bedroom, living or office space but are reluctant to tackle the complexities and expense of a floor plan extension, converting your loft space could be the perfect solution.

There are several key considerations for a loft conversion, but with the help and guidance of specialists and contractors, this project could become the crowning jewel of your home.

Enhancing a property’s value by an average of 10 to 20 per cent, this home addition offers a generous return on investment and the best value for money in home improvement. And given the wide range of loft conversion types at your disposal — such as the dormer, Mansard or Velux — it is likely to be achievable within the existing footprint of your home.

A disused attic could become a bedroom sanctuary or a functional home-working space with plenty of storage and light. Although most attic conversions must conform to strict building regulations, they usually do not require planning permission. Therefore, they are an excellent way of expanding the usable space in a property — a sure-fire way to attract potential buyers at an increased sale value.

Looking to enhance your home with a loft conversion but unsure of where to begin? Contact the experts at The Loft Room today.