What Are the Colours of the Year for 2021?

The Loft Room

Every year, colour specialists get together to translate insights from the past 12 months into one key colour (or colours) that reflect the mood of the moment and set the tone for the year ahead.

But few could have predicted how important our homes would become in 2020. Our homes have become offices, classrooms and playgrounds (for adults and children alike) as well as everyday living spaces — calling for a greater emphasis on rooms that enhance our wellbeing.

With uncertainty front and centre in 2020, surely the colours of 2021 will need to be uplifting and comforting in equal measure? To energise you through the 9–5 whilst allowing you to kick back and relax when the day is done?

We take a look at some of the key colour trends for 2021, as predicted by the big paint manufacturers, and how to use them to transform your loft room conversion into the perfect sanctuary.


A versatile choice

For its ‘Colour of the Year 2021’, Dulux has chosen ‘Brave Ground’ — a warm, earthy tone that creates a sense of stability in any room. This bolstering neutral colour is a versatile shade that lets other colours pop and would provide the perfect base for creative touches in any type of loft conversion.

Combined with timeless colours such as ochre, burnished gold, auburn and caramel, Brave Ground creates a balanced backdrop that works beautifully with both traditional and modern furnishings, as well as natural materials and artisanal crafts.

Mix Brave Ground with soft, natural tones like rich chocolates and muted greige for a cosy home office that feels relaxed and inviting. These smart and subtle shades work well with mid-century furniture, such as a grand teak desk or sideboard, and opulent finishes like velvet, marble and copper.

To bring the outside in, bi-folding doors and Velux windows are an excellent loft bedroom idea. Balance Brave Ground with sky and sea blues, sage greens and charcoal black to reinforce the connection with nature — styling up the room with plants, natural wood and shapely ceramics.

For a stand-out bedroom, be brave (no pun intended) and try pairing Dulux’s 2021 colour choice with expressive shades like raspberry pink, coral, dusty rose and lilac. These colours look stunning against light wood floors, graphic patterns and modern furnishings.


Warming to the core

Similarly to Dulux, Lick also touts earthy, wholesome and nurturing hues as the choice for 2021. But rather than limiting itself to one specific colour to watch out for, Lick has chosen an entire category instead: warm neutrals.

Less about grey and more about browns and beige, these colours feel stable and grounded. And if you think there is only one shade of beige — think again! Warm neutrals do not have to be restricted to beige either. Look for putty pinks and balancing greens than have warm undertones at their core.

Beige tones like soft caramel and taupe-y greige are easygoing and unassuming, adding a comforting quality to any space. The versatility of these hues means they can modernise a room as much as refine.

Warm greens with soothing yellow undertones add a beautiful pop of colour to smaller spaces such as bathrooms, where dark shades can feel too claustrophobic. Alongside oaty whites, these greens create a soft and subtle contrast — perfect for a feature wall or even a feature ceiling to accentuate a stunning sloped roof in your loft room conversion.

If you want to create a serene loft bedroom sanctuary, warm pinks and reds are an excellent idea and instantly make a space feel safe. Try deep and rusty hues such as burnt umber and terracotta or, on the lighter end of the scale, brown-based pinks like a muted ballet slipper tint.


The deepest opulence 

Farrow & Ball also cites warm colours as the ones to watch for 2021 but favours deeper, more luxurious shades like ‘Deep Reddish Brown’, ‘Tanner’s Brown’ and ‘Preference Red’.

These decadent chocolatey tones make a striking feature wall, shelving or woodwork accent. For the bolder homeowner, they can also be used to enrich every wall in your loft conversion — creating a soothing, cosy hideaway to relax in at the end of a long day.

Pair with neutral wooden furniture and textiles in warm, muted beige, greens and pinks to achieve a rich and opulent look without it feeling too stuffy!


For more inspiration and ideas for your loft bedroom, office, bathroom or snug, take a look through our loft conversion gallery.