Planning makes perfect: preparing for a loft conversion in 2022

converted loft with double bed and balcony windows overlooks hampton area

Are you thinking about embarking on a loft conversion project this year? You are not alone.

The benefits of a loft conversion have long been known, offering a generous return on investment and providing that all-important space so many families find themselves lacking — without the stress and complications of moving house.

The popularity of loft conversions has soared since the pandemic began, with lockdowns forcing people to spend more time at home. As a result, many homeowners have sought ways to adapt their living spaces to create more room and gain attractive views or a dedicated place to work remotely, all of which a loft extension can achieve.

Although a loft conversion is the simplest and most effective home improvement venture for various properties and purposes, no two are the same. So, if you are among the many people planning a conversion project for 2022, there are a few things to consider to ensure you get the best results at the best price.

Considerations for a stress-free conversion

Many people choose a loft conversion for a cost-effective way to add value to their home with minimal disruption — especially in built-up areas like London, where a conversion can add space without changing the building’s footprint and often without planning permission.

So, how much will a conversion cost you? First and foremost, this depends on the type of conversion that will work best for your property and the extent of additional work that will need to be done to complete it, such as acquiring the necessary permissions and design services.

A Velux or roof light conversion is the most straightforward and affordable option, ideal for properties that already have enough attic space and headroom to accommodate a usable living area; building regulations state that a roof must be at least 2.2 metres high for a loft conversion.

A rear dormer loft conversion is another popular choice, suitable for most homes with a sloping roof. This type of conversion extends walls vertically to create extra floor space and room for windows to provide natural light. Alternatively, semi-detached or detached property owners can opt for a hip-to-gable conversion, vertically extending the wall on one side of the roof to increase the desired space.

Ideal for terraced or period properties, a Mansard loft conversion is the most extensive and transformative type of loft renovation. It involves altering the roof structure of a sloped roof, essentially adding an extra storey on top of a building.

Aside from the type of conversion you choose, several other elements of a loft conversion will alter your final quote, such as fitting plumbing for bathrooms and removing chimney stacks. The additional costs of staircase installation, decorative finishes, building control fees and any necessary roof repairs must also be taken into account by project managers.

Why choose The Loft Room?

Although the cost of a conversion is a crucial consideration for property owners, several other factors contribute to the success of a loft extension project — from ironing out the legal stuff to finding a company that understands the vision for your new living space.

Before getting started, a few things need to be addressed, such as warning any neighbours that might be impacted by construction and gaining party-wall agreement consent. Additionally, although most loft conversions fall under permitted development restrictions, planning permission may need to be acquired for some listed buildings and conservation areas.

A property’s location may also influence the type of conversion that can be executed; for example, in certain areas of London and the Home Counties, planning officers tend to favour a Mansard conversion design over a rear dormer conversion.

All of this can be overwhelming, especially when the demand for services is high and some suppliers face pandemic and Brexit-related shortages that threaten to drive up prices. So, it is vital to ensure you take your time to find qualified professionals who will give you peace of mind and a realistic price and timescale for your project.

The Loft Room has worked with hundreds of happy customers to create luxury loft conversions, providing a one-stop shop for all your loft conversion needs. Our team of experienced specialists offer trustworthy, expert advice to ensure the loft conversion process runs as smoothly as possible for the best final result.