How does the end of my project work?

bespoke fitted storage solution for loft conversion project

Below are a few words explaining how the end of your build will work, as we know sometimes it’s best to have it all in writing for you to go back to rather than listening to us waffle on!

We will have given you a rough date for when we aim to cut through and fit your new stairs in a previous meeting. Between 3-5 weeks after that date we will most likely be coming to the end of the build and getting it all ready for decoration (if applicable).

Approximately, 2-3 days before we have finished, we will ask you to do a snagging list. The list should be quite easy to complete, as we will still have a couple of days of work remaining. We like to have the list a few days prior to the last day in case we need to order more materials or book in any tradespeople for any of the snags.

The list should consist of things you think we may have forgotten, questions you may have or maybe even things you are not happy with. You don’t need to put anything obvious on there like a toilet missing if it’s not fitted yet (you’d hope we might know about things like this!), but we’re happy for you to still put these bits down if you feel more comfortable doing so.

Once your build team has completed your snagging list, we will then write a list of our own. This way we can make sure everything is 100% complete.

When both snagging lists are complete and it is all ready for decoration (if applicable), we will then require your final balance.

Only once all monies are paid, you will then:

  • Receive a call from the decorator or the office to arrange a start date (if applicable).
  • Receive a date from us for when your scaffold will come down.
  • Receive a date from us for when a professional will come and silicone all corners of your new bathroom.

Please let us or your Team Leader know if you have any questions regarding the above or anything else with regards to the build.