Elevate Your Home: 15 Interior Design Trends for Autumn 2021

One of the most exciting things about any new season is the opportunity to revamp and revitalise your living spaces.

And with the autumn comes new colour palettes, textures and styles to play with — giving you the perfect opportunity to get creative and embrace the colder months with your own take on the season’s top interior design trends…

Pick a style

Classic contemporary

Are you looking for something clean and simple? You cannot go wrong with classic contemporary décor. Mixing classic designs with a modern flair creates a timeless look that is sleek and sophisticated. Think marble, tile and bold patterns for a fresh take on traditional styles.

Rustic meets modern

We all love the rustic look during the colder seasons, so why not give it a modern twist? Highlight a minimalist kitchen with woven fabrics and metal highlights to create a personalised and inviting countryside retreat.


Japandi is all the rage right now, marrying Scandinavian functionality with Japanese streamlined design to create a pared-back, practical space.

Sustainability is always in style

We are more conscious than ever of how our homes and habits contribute to a sustainable way of life. Choose items made from eco-friendly materials that have been sourced and made ethically and purchase secondhand and upcycled fixtures and furnishings where possible.

Trending textures

Layer it up

Layering clothes is standard practice during the colder months, but it is also something you can easily implement in your home to give your rooms a more seasonal feel! Add cosy blankets, throws, curtains and pillows in heavier materials like velvet, faux fur or wool to create a warmer look and feel for your living spaces.


Terrazzo has been trending since last year. Terrazzo tiles are a great way to add texture in kitchens and bathrooms, drawing the eye to create a subtle pop of colour or a statement wall design.


Offset your soft furnishings with a rattan stool or lampshade, or go for a woven jute rug to add a stylish twist to your living room. Already own a rattan dresser or table? Give it a lick of dark paint for a more season-appropriate feel.

Wood details

Wood textures are always on trend at this time of year. Play with earthy autumnal colour palettes and deep wooden furnishings to create an atmospheric, inviting area — or even transform a room with wood panelling, available in different styles and colours to suit every space.

Set the tone

Create a reading corner

What says autumn/winter more than a cosy reading snug? Pick a corner of your home and a big, inviting chair and decorate it with warm light and soft furnishings for a peaceful retreat in the comfort of your own home.

Invest in your kitchen

Whether urban cottagecore, modern rustic or classic contemporary is your style of choice, kitchens are always a good place to start when updating your home for the autumn.

A kitchen is the heart of the home — especially during the colder seasons when we come together over warming, indulgent dishes. Dark colours like rich greens and deep blues are popular in kitchens this autumn, setting a luxurious and sophisticated tone and creating a calming environment.

Bring nature indoors

We have all grown to appreciate the value of spending time outdoors this year. So, as the days get darker and colder, why not take inspiration from nature? Natural materials like bamboo, big windows that maximise natural light and earthy tones are key to creating a comforting and stimulating environment.

The colour green is all the rage this autumn, as are other nature tones like orange, peach and muted neutrals. From plant pots to bowls and shelves, add some natural vibrancy throughout your home to bring you back to earth. And if you would like to change up your walls without committing to a colour long-term, you can now get removable wallpaper for a temporary splash of colour!

Dress your space for the season

Room dividers

In the age of remote working, people are looking for new ways to diversify and make the most of their space. Decorative room dividers are an excellent way of creating the illusion of separation without walls and doors, maximising light and dimension with minimal effort. Plus, you can get creative with a variety of designs to suit any room!

Dried flowers

Dried flowers will keep your home floral past the spring and summer months. Unlike fresh blooms, dried bouquets have an autumnal feel with muted colours and texture — plus, without the upkeep, these flowers will last until the new year!

Embrace shapes

Whether through sculptural accessories or oversized statement furniture, get artistic and experiment with some more unusual pieces for a memorable highlight in any room. Geometric shapes are very much the ‘in’ thing right now, giving a modern take on 60s-style curved lines. From sculpted rattan chairs to curvy bathrooms, it is time to get quirky with your home!

Opt for bespoke and vintage furnishings

Not only is opting for bespoke and vintage pieces a great way of being more environmentally conscious in your interior design, but it also offers the opportunity to customise your space. Hand-selected unique pieces will stand the test of time and inject more individuality into your space — all the more critical during the autumn and winter months when we spend more time indoors.

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