Carpet/flooring & belongings agreement

Please note: This form needs to be read and signed whether carpets/flooring are being removed or staying in place. 

There is usually around 2-4 weeks from you receiving this booklet and your downstairs works commencing. If you would like your carpets to be 100% safe, then The Loft Room would recommend that you arrange for these to be temporarily removed. If you decide to keep your carpets down during the works, your build team and tradespeople will work around these as best as possible. Your build team may possibly need to roll back any carpets that have not been temporarily removed to carry out their works. Please note that The Loft Room and their recommended tradespeople do not reinstall any carpets and these will need to be re-fitted by a professional carpet fitter when you have your new stairs carpeted.

Carpet/flooring and belongings agreement

I/we (the client) accept that if any damage occurs due to the non-removal of carpets/wooden floors or any other items such as mirrors, pictures, blinds, ceiling lights etc, The Loft Room or their recommended tradespeople will not be held responsible. 

Please also remove all coats, shoes and any other belongings from the affected areas. Your build team will not move these kind of items and if not moved, they will get dusty and potentially damaged.

Third party flooring information

The Loft Room’s recommended tradespeople will take every precaution to ensure that your new flooring is not damaged or scratched in any way. However, as we are not present at your home 24/7 during the build and we have no influence or control over third party tradespeople, family members, or any other visitors, we cannot be held liable for any damage, scratches or marks that become apparent.

Please be aware that works downstairs will not commence until this form is signed.