5 ways to maximise your loft’s cosy factor

When the weather outside is frightful, there’s nothing more delightful than coming home to a warm and cosy house. A few touches here and there can quickly turn your loft into a sanctuary, where you can shelter from the cold and immerse yourself in comfort and relaxation.

In winter, everyone wants to turn the comfort level up a notch on their homes, and your loft conversion should be no exception. Just because the loft is at the top of the house doesn’t mean it cannot be a cosy, welcoming space!

So, if you are looking to get a loft conversion in 2022, these top tips will be sure to maximise your loft’s comfort levels…

Spruce up your walls

Bare, barren walls can feel cold and clinical, so add some pictures to liven up the space. Love travelling? Feel inspired by quotes? Enjoy looking back on fun memories with friends and family? The key is to put up pictures that make you happy. From an individual framed photo to collages or canvases, there are loads of different ways to add pictures.

And if you fancy a colour change that is more suitable for long and gloomy winters, there is no need to paint the entire room. A feature wall can make a big impact and takes much less time — ideal for changing moods.

Pile on comfy textiles

Pillows, blankets and throws instantly add comfort to any space and are a quick and easy way to change up the décor in your loft. Look for darker colours and sumptuous textures for winter.

And do not forget the floor! Wood or laminate flooring may be more practical than carpet, but you want something soft and cosy underfoot if you are walking around barefoot. This is where a rug comes in. These days, there are so many patterns and materials to choose from — including rugs that have been coated with a special protector to make cleaning spillages just as easy as on hard floors.

Adjust your lighting

We often crave as much natural light as possible in spring or summer. But in the winter months, when the days are short and the nights long, why not embrace the darkness and complement it with soft, calm lighting?

There is something oh-so comforting about shutting the blinds or curtains and hunkering down under a blanket, bathed in the soft glow of a lamp or twinkly fairy lights.

Play with fire (safely, of course!)

Is there anything cosier than the warmth and sound of a crackling fire? On those cold winter nights, there is no better place to be than snuggled up in front of the fire with a good book and a glass of wine.

An open fire or log burner may not be the most practical solution in a loft room, but what about an electric fireplace? Electric models do not need a vent, chimney or flue. They also do not emit any smoke or toxins from combustion since they do not burn fuel.

And if space is really minimal, why not light a candle (or candles!) instead? It is incredible how just a few candles can make a room feel extra cosy. Plus, candles have the double benefit of giving off light and scent, and there are plenty of candles available on the market that have a bonfire or fireplace aroma to mimic the real thing.

Stay warm

No matter how cosy and inviting you have made your home to look at, there is no point if the temperature inside feels baltic. Investing in double-glazed — or even triple-glazed — windows will ensure you keep the elements out and help you feel secure and snug.

Radiators are also essential to keep you warm through the British winters, and they have come a long way over the years. Horizontal or vertical? Flat or oval? Single or double panel? These days, even the smallest spaces can fit a radiator thanks to the vast range of options available.

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