5 Interior Design Trends for 2021

A revival of traditional styles, as well as the introduction of bold colours and a greater focus on sustainability, are just some of the trends we can expect to see in 2021.

This year has been a rollercoaster, to say the least. And with people likely to be spending more time at home for the foreseeable, it is no wonder we are all keen to turn our spaces into wonderful retreats that both inspire and calm us.

Here are our top five interior design trend predictions for the year ahead…


  1. Grandmillennial style

Goodbye, white-on-white interiors — hello chintz fabrics, wallpaper, fringing, antiques and wicker and cane furniture. Tired of clinically modern décor, millennials are instead seeking respite and comfort in the restoration of the traditional styles previously seen in the homes of their grandparents.

Far from being stuffy, this trend has undergone a 21st-century makeover, giving floral and chinoiserie-filled interiors a contemporary twist, combined with pastel colours like ‘millennial pink’, mint green and powder blue. Layering of carved wood goods and cushy upholstery add the finishing touches to this perdurable trend, which is ideal for hip to gable loft conversions that create plenty of wall space for experimenting with different fabrics and wallpapers.


  1. Cheerful colours

 Grey on grey has been a hugely popular trend for many years. But when times are bleak, the last thing you want is a colourless, uninspiring space to work, rest and play in. Now, we are starting to see a real craving for colour as people move away from shades of grey and look for tones to marry with it instead.

Colours like blush pink, forest green and teal will instantly perk up a grey room. But if you really want to add some optimism into your home, turn to uplifting yellow tones like mustard or ochre — ideal for brightening up a Mansard loft conversion. If the thought of adding yellow to your home is a little scary, try introducing it through textiles such as cushions and throws to start with or ease yourself in with warm beige shades.


  1. Little luxuries

Without going out as much or being able to enjoy holidays abroad, people will be more inclined to spend their money on small updates that bring a touch of luxury to the everyday.

Whether it is scented candles, sumptuously soft bedding, comforting hand soap, plush rugs, copious cushions, tropical plants or warm lighting, these little touches are inexpensive ways to bring some feel-good vibes and brighten up our environment. Placed throughout a side dormer conversion, these luxurious touches will instantly turn a small, dark loft into an amazing bright, open space and help you feel right at home.


  1. Natural aesthetics

In 2021, we will also see many take a step back and embrace a more neutral look, moving away from sleek human-made surfaces like porcelain and marble.

Drawing inspiration from the modern minimalism of Scandinavian interiors, this trend favours soft, earthy tones and natural fabrics like wool, linen, wood, wicker and stone — providing a welcome break from the harsh screens we spend many hours looking at each day.

These materials and tones will be found in everything from flooring and furniture to cabinets, accent walls and textiles. Plants and images of greenery or natural landscapes then complement this trend beautifully. Combined with natural light flooding in from the bi-folding doors of a rear dormer loft conversion, it’s the perfect way to bring a little inside-outside living to your home.


  1. Sustainable treasures 

As well as a growing appreciation for natural materials, we are also starting to see a greater focus on sustainability in our homes. Reclaimed wood will become a staple for living and dining room furniture in 2021, paired with irreplaceable vintage pieces that add a unique touch to the home without any waste. These antique treasures will also be the perfect fit for an ornate bedroom in a period-feature L-shaped dormer conversion.

A considerable shift in thinking means people are also beginning to shop locally, and there is renewed interest in handmade items and custom pieces from independent sellers.

Looking for some design inspiration for your loft conversion in Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Middlesex or South West London? Take a look at our photo gallery to see how you can incorporate the latest trends into your home.