5 design trends to elevate your bedroom loft conversion

Of all the rooms in your property, your bedroom is perhaps the most direct reflection of your personality — and the space you can get most self-expressive through interior design.

Bedrooms are amongst the most sacred spaces in a home, serving as private places to rest and relax whilst providing respite from the demands of everyday life — or even a home office for remote workers. As a result, when your family begins to grow or your need for space changes, converting your loft into an extra bedroom becomes a no-brainer solution.

But whether you are creating a new room from scratch or simply updating your existing one, it is crucial to strike the perfect balance between functionality and style with bedroom design features to make the most of tight spaces. So, we have collated five popular design trends emerging in 2022 that will help you transform your loft space into a multipurpose sanctuary that is both pleasant and practical.

Choose eco-friendly designs

In 2022, sustainability matters more than ever before. According to a recent survey of style and comfort trends by The Company Store, 74% of consumers said having sustainable material in bedroom products is crucial. A massive 96% of respondents under 30 considered sustainability a core deciding factor when purchasing bedroom items.

So, despite the concept of ‘trending’ styles, people are increasingly interested in making design decisions that stand the test of time. As a result, thanks to its eco-friendly credentials, heat-treated timber, or ‘thermowood’, is gaining popularity in the interior design industry. We expect to see more closed-loop materials and rental furniture in bedrooms in the coming months, creating flexible, sustainable design solutions without compromising quality.

Bring the outdoors in

A bedroom loft conversion is an ideal opportunity to provide much-needed relief from the digital world. As we spend a growing proportion of our days living and working inside buildings, separated from the great outdoors, people have developed a greater appreciation of the mental and physical health benefits of connecting with nature.

Biophilic design, which is all about evocative, plant-first solutions and building room designs around the beauty of nature, is a trend predicted to take off this year in the wake of lockdowns and remote working. Embracing the biophilia hypothesis in your bedroom loft conversion could involve incorporating plants and earthy tones into decorations and considering how strategic window placement can maximise natural light exposure.

Create interest with texture

You have more freedom to create a space that embodies your personal preferences in a bedroom than any other area of your house. Whether you want to curate an elevated look inspired by Scandinavian simplicity, sleek modernity with shiny finishes and graphic lines, or playful vibrancy in childrens’ bedrooms, the creative possibilities are endless when it comes to bedroom interior design.

Constructing a new bedroom from your attic space is a fantastic opportunity to experiment with a mixture of textures, patterns and styles. So, inject personality and variety into your sleeping quarters with wood accents, panelling and curated ‘cluttercore’ (an anti-minimalist design craze that encourages filling space with mismatched but meaningful objects) to add variety and depth to your new bedroom.

Shake up your colour palette

There is a reason why colours such as white, cream and beige will always be popular shade choices for all types of bedroom interiors. Many people prefer these clean, crisp tones to create an atmosphere of serenity and minimalism in their resting spaces. Still, there are many other ways to generate the same effects in a loft conversion using trending colours you may not typically consider.

Bolder colour palettes can lend to an atmosphere of cosiness and warmth in our most intimate spaces. Plus, colour can denote separation in rooms that combine different purposes — such as working and sleeping — which is especially relevant for those embarking on a bedroom conversion to facilitate remote working. As such, trend forecasts predict that a variety of colours such as rejuvenating greens, tranquil blues, nourishing browns and darker neutral tones like grey will contribute to a calm and luxurious feel in bedrooms this year.

Make the most of available space

Since COVID-19 forced many of us to spend prolonged periods indoors and instigated the shift to hybrid and flexible working, it is crucial to consider ergonomics when planning the design of bedrooms to ensure you are using space efficiently. By incorporating the latest design trends, you can create a new room that not only feels like home, but that allows you to utilise every inch of usable space in a loft.

The considerations for optimising space will vary between different loft types, but you can always create the illusion of spaciousness by making clever design choices. For example, thoughtfully placed multipurpose furniture that combines style with practicality can provide a long-term home-working solution for those requiring an office space in their bedroom. Plus, with the help of a trained eye, you can also incorporate innovative space-saving storage solutions into room designs for a cleaner, tidier and more open feel.

Are you considering adding an extra bedroom to your home with a loft conversion? Explore our gallery of bedroom loft conversions for some design inspiration, and contact our team of loft conversion specialists at 0800 002 9291 or email info@the-loftroom.com to discuss your project.